Sasha’s 2nd time on the Doctor’s Show

Watch as Sasha helps a pregnant woman rid herself of severe, debilitating morning sickness through hypnotherapy.

Sasha on the Ricki Lake Show

Sasha explains to Ricki how hypnosis works and how it can help people with a variety of issues.  She even does a brief demonstration to show how truly relaxing and soothing hypnosis can be.

Sasha Carrion on The Doctor’s Show

The Doctors discuss how hypnosis has proven to help people do such things as quit smoking and lose weight. This video features Los Angles Hypnotist & Hypnotherapist Sasha Carrion.

Stop Smoking Help in Los Angeles

Do you need help to quit smoking? With Hypnosis, you can stop smoking forever! Lori quit smoking with hypnosis by Certified Hypnotherapist/Hypnotist Sasha Carrion. Her smoking cessation program is both efficient and cost effective. It’s the best way to quit smoking naturally and easily. Sasha is based out of Los Angeles, CA (Santa Monica). 

Stress Relief: Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Hypnosis is the natural treatment for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. With hypnotherapy by Sasha Carrion, Cht., Priscilla learned to cope with stress. She was able to take control of her thoughts and eliminate anxiety attacks. Hypnosis is the best way to relieve stress.

Weight Loss Hypnosis – Stop Eating Sweets & Junk Food

Los Angeles Certified Hypnotherapist Sasha Carrion helped Priscilla to take control of evening food cravings. With hypnosis, she was able to stop eating sweets and junk food after dinner.

You too can reduce and curb sugar & carb cravings and train your mind to have healthy eating habits with hypnotherapy. Sasha Carrion is a Certified Hypnotherapist based out of Los Angeles.

Hypnotherapy in Los Angeles – Stress Management & Anxiety Relief

Hypnotherapy can help you to alleviate stress and anxiety naturally. With the help of Los Angeles Hypnotherapist Sasha Carrion, Jonny was able to take control of his mental and physical state. He was able to cope better with his busy business as opposed to being overwhelmed and flustered.

Sasha can help with different forms of anxiety: Business, public speaking, social anxiety, test taking, performance anxiety, airplane phobias, health and family related.

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles Hypnotherapist and Hypnotist Sasha Carrion is focused on helping you take control of your life by helping you to take control of your mind. You will be happy to know that during each and every Hypnosis session, you are always in full control.  All Hypnosis is really Self Hypnosis. In fact, hypnosis works because you really want what you came in for and are in partnership with your Hypnotherapist to reach those goals. So in reality, Hypnosis  gives you the ability to reach your goals by eliminating fears, anxiety, negative thinking and bad habits.

Hypnosis is very different from what you’ve seen on a stage show or on t.v. There are no swinging pendulums, there is no barking or quacking whatsoever and you don’t fall asleep. That kind of Hypnosis is purely for entertainment and is completely different from the kind of Hypnosis that is done as a way of creating positive change (Hypnotherapy).  What is Hypnosis like?  Imagine that you are comfortably sitting in a recliner in a deeply relaxed, suggestible state, with a cozy blanket on you as you listen to positive suggestions that are based on your goals.  Some have even described Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy as being something like a mind massage.

Can Hypnosis Help Me? Yes! “To this day, it amazes me as to what hypnosis can do in so many different areas.” Sasha Carrion, Cht.

Sasha Carrion’s Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy can help you:

Each Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy session is highly individualized to fit your needs. An added plus is that Hypnosis is natural and easy. It is actually part of the human condition. On a daily basis, we all go into hypnosis numerous times. How many times have you found yourself staring at one point without staring at anything else for a few seconds. That’s Hypnosis. Have you ever been looking for your keys when you realize that they’ve been in your hand the whole time? That’s Hypnosis. And if you live in Los Angeles, you most definitely know this one: You’re driving on the freeway and you all of a sudden realize that you’ve gone way past your exit. That’s because you were hypnotized. That is how natural it truly is! During our sessions, we literally use the same laws of the mind, but in this case, we use them to your benefit and since it’s so natural for you to enter into Hypnosis, it’s easy. This is the reason why Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are more in demand than ever before.

Through Hypnotism, you can condition yourself to quit smoking, experience sustained weight loss, stop panic attacks, eliminate anxiety and depression and much more. Hypnosis uses the laws of the subconscious mind to create the changes you want. “As a Certified Hypnotherapist and Hypnotist, I partner with you to help you realize your goals. I am 100% with you during our Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy session.”   Sasha Carrion, Cht.

One of the most sought after Hypnotherapists / Hypnotists in Los Angeles, Sasha’s clients come from all over the Los Angeles, CA area including Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, West Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and beyond.

“Considering it was my first time trying hypnosis, you made the process easy and comfortable. I was impressed with how well it worked.”   James J.

While there are many Hypnotherapists / Hypnotists in Los Angeles, Sasha prides herself in providing a caring and nurturing style of Hypnotherapy like no other. When you do self improvement work, it’s important to know that you are doing it with somebody who really cares about your results.

“I decided to become a Hypnotherapist after seeing the much needed results of a few Hypnosis sessions in my own life. It was truly life changing. My goal is to share this amazing mode of therapy with you so that you can move forward in your own life. Through Hypnosis, you can reap the benefits of long lasting positive change since all Hypnotherapy sessions are geared towards eliminating the negative behavioral or emotional patterns that have kept you stuck. As your Hypnotherapist, your success is my goal. Hypnosis truly is one of the best forms of therapy that I’ve come by. I encourage you to call me today for a FREE telephone consultation.” Sasha Carrion, Cht.

Hypnosis sessions are available for Los Angeles, California clients, as well as telephone sessions for all out of state clients. The cost of a Hypnotherapy session does not compare to the cost of being unhappy.”

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Sasha Carrion, Certified Hypnotherapist / Mind Coach