No more false expectations. Expect good things only from yourself

No more false expectations. Expect good things only from yourself 

Do you find yourself expecting somebody to do something in particular because you feel that’s what they should do? Do you find yourself feeling annoyed, disappointed, sad or bewildered when things turn out differently? If you are wasting your mental energy going over how somebody let you down, then read on.

The best way to avoid your mind from going to a place of anger and upset is not to expect anything from anybody. This may sound simple but it takes practice. Understand that while you can control what you do, you cannot control what other people choose to do or not do. To another person, their decision may seem perfectly logical and rational even if it isn’t.

By not expecting anything from anybody, you stop yourself from being let down. Instead of focusing on other’s actions, focus on your own. Keep your word and be sure to always come through for yourself. In this way, regardless of anybody, you are in your own power

Sasha Carrion (492 Posts)

Life coach, hypnotherapist, and regular health and wellness TV/radio guest, Sasha Carrion makes this world a better place by educating people about the power of the mind and helping clients make lasting breakthroughs.

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