Total Control. Don’t forget it. You are in Total Control and Your future will be what you make it. This may initially sound a little scary but in reality, it puts you in the seat of total control.  You have the power to create an area of different possibilities for yourself.  When you accept this, you accept your power to make things happen.

There is nothing preordained about your future. You make your own destiny by taking responsibility of it and start working in what you want to make with your life. Work in what you want to achieve and nothing will stop you from doing so. Stay focused in your goals and that will keep you motivated to design the master plan to guide you in your life.

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Sasha Carrion (492 Posts)

Life coach, hypnotherapist, and regular health and wellness TV/radio guest, Sasha Carrion makes this world a better place by educating people about the power of the mind and helping clients make lasting breakthroughs.

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