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Find Out Why Our Hypnosis Sessions Are The Best Way To Stop Smoking Forever

Having already helped countless numbers of people to be smoke free, you can rest assured that our hypnosis sessions work.

Do you wonder why you haven’t been able to stop smoking on your own?


How it Started

You were probably a teenager when you first started smoking, maybe due to peer pressure. Back then, you had the choice of either fitting in by smoking like your other friends or being the odd one out — a loner. At first, you probably started coughing and choking. You noticed that the taste was pretty disgusting, but after a while, you got used to it and continued.

This is where the mind connection to smoking starts. Why? Because there is a part of our mind called the subconscious, whose main goal is to protect you from any dangers. That being said, you may be wondering why your subconscious mind would allow you to start smoking in the first place. Your mind is like a super-computer that sums up situations at high speeds. It decided that there were two choices — either start smoking and be accepted by your friends as part of the pack, or become a loner and possibly go into depression due to the rejection. The resulting depression might even lead you to do something grave like kill yourself. That, your mind could not allow. Hence, your subconscious decided that smoking protected you from danger as well as helped you make more friends. By this logic, smoking = safety.


The Problem

With time, repetition cemented your smoking habit into your subconscious. As an adult, you no longer have the need to smoke for protection and acceptance. You now continue to smoke, but for a different reason — to de-stress via addictive nicotine. Whenever you feel stressed and anxious, you pick up a cigarette and in a few moments you feel calm again. Your mind has learned to associate your smoking behavior with the toxic calm of nicotine.


The reason you haven’t been able to stop smoking is because you’ve been trying to do it with willpower. Willpower is located in the conscious part of our brain. It gives a short burst of mental energy for a short period of time, and no more. This explains why so many people cannot quit smoking using willpower alone — the moment your willpower runs out, you go back to your old behavioral pattern of smoking.

Why Hypnosis To Stop Smoking Works

Why Hypnosis to Stop Smoking?


Habits and behaviors are located in our subconscious mind. This is the reason why we must access this part of your mind to create positive, long-lasting changes. This part of your brain runs on automatic. Whenever you are faced with a new situation, your mind, faster than the blink of an eye, goes to this same place to find information (negative and positive behavioral patterns) on how you have reacted to this same or similar situation in the past. Your mind keeps pulling up those same smoking patterns, over and over. Since your brain is like a super-computer, we must remove the smoking program and replace it with a smoke-free program.

Hypnosis uses the laws of the mind to create the changes you want so that you don’t have to suffer anymore to achieve your goals. That’s because the subconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious. It is the source of your real power — the very core of who you are resides here. In fact, it is estimated that about 88 percent of the mind resides in this area, which is why hypnosis is so powerful and effective.

Hypnosis helps you to stop smoking without fear! Not only do you stop smoking, but you are given the tools to:

  1. Control anxiety so that you no longer have to pick up a cigarette again
  2. Lose weight instead of gaining it
  3. Crave fresh air instead of cigarettes

Instead of feeling bad about yourself for being unable to stop smoking, hypnosis replaces those feelings with a sense of well-deserved pride as you attain your goal of not smoking a single cigarette again. Just imagine enjoying another beautiful sunny day in Los Angeles, breathing clear fresh air.

Scientific Studies Back Hypnosis To Stop Smoking

A study of 43 people showed a 90.6 percent success rate for people who were given hypnosis while trying to quit smoking. They were not smoking 6 months to 3 years after. University of Washington, School of Medicine – 2001

In the largest-ever scientific comparison of ways to quit smoking, results showed that a visit to a hypnotist beat out a psychologist, social worker, psychiatrist, and other physicians by a margin of 19 percent (or one in five). This meta-analysis of more than 600 studies covered more than 72,000 people in America and Europe. The University of Iowa – 1992 

Reasons to Quit Smoking

  • Smoking is Deadly

(Above is a video from Nucleus Animation that demonstrates how smoking causes emphysema, lung cancer)

According to the CDC, smoking is directly responsible for approximately 90 percent of lung cancer deaths and approximately 80 to 90 percent of COPD (emphysema and chronic bronchitis) deaths. It is estimated that one in five preventable deaths is directly attributed to smoking. Smoking weakens your immune system, making you susceptible to disease, effectively reducing the quality of your life.

  • Your Family


Just A Few Stop Smoking Testimonials

I went to Sasha in desperation to try to stop smoking. I really did not think it was going to work. I tried and tried and tried to no avail. I went to St. Johns which did work for several
years. But I slipped back after two years.

When I left Sasha’s office, she gave me the tools to continue to stop smoking. I am delighted to say that I have to had a cigarette for 7 years!!!!

The experience was easy, comfortable and as you can see very effective. Working with her made this unique process easy and comfortable. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her . Please don’t walk, RUN to her if you also are experiencing trauma, addiction or counseling.

– Bernadette E. (Update: Bernie is now 10 years cigarette free.)

Words nor actions can express how grateful I am to Sasha for helping me on my wellness journey to become a living miracle. I live with secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis and was facing homelessness or institutionalization due to the negative effects of MS on my body. I knew I needed to take control of my life and break addictions like cigarettes. Years of unsuccessful attempts ended with Sasha. She not only helped me quit smoking, but also was the one to help me begin my journey of being a living miracle who kicks MS to the curb all day everyday. Today I live almost 100% symptom free and credit the start to my journey with the work of Sasha. In addition Sasha is a master of her craft with the most compassion I have ever met. I recommend Sasha highly and am grateful everyday for her work.

– V.C.

One year ago, Sasha helped me quit smoking. After over 10 years of a wretched habit, I can confidently say that I will never smoke again. I definitely don’t think hypnosis is a magic wand and you need to want to make a change in order for it to be effective. For me, it was my last hope and it worked.

I returned to her recently for help in other areas of struggle and her techniques have been effective once again. She provides a highly caring environment that is free from any criticism or judgement and I am so grateful to be able to turn to her when I feel like I have no where left to go.

– Christine N.

I went to Sasha about 5 months ago and have been meaning to write a review ever since.. I was a smoker and a stubborn one at that. I was open to hypnosis but with a healthy skepticism.. Sasha’s smoking package which was so easy visiting her twice and recordings of the sessions help completely worked for me. I have not picked up a cigarette since.. Sure I have had the urge, but her techniques have made me strong and able to resist.. She puts you at ease and is a true professional. I would recommend Sasha to anyone wanting to kick that habit!

– E.M.

I am delighted to say that Sasha has assisted me in breaking a 30yr pack a day habit! I am almost 2 years now into being smoke free and I am feeling great. Thanks Sasha!

For those contemplating smoking cessation through hypnosis please note that you need to be really ready. After 2 sessions with Sasha I did not have any cravings but definitely withdrawal symptoms which peaked at 3 weeks. I mark every day off on a calendar as each non smokingday is a triumph!

– Helen P. (Update: Helen is now 5 years smoke free!)

I went to Sasha for hypnotherapy almost 3 months ago to stop smoking. I am still so amazed at how easy she made this for me. I was a smoker for 20 years and had tried numerous times to quit. She is so awesome at what she does, I feel like I want to thank her every single day! I have never had a craving to smoke since leaving her that day. I feel as if I was never even a smoker in my life, and so I do not have the feeling like I am missing anything. I can’t express how amazing and great I feel! thank you Sasha so much! I honestly can’t thank you enough!!

– Tammy M. (Update: Tammy is now 9 years cigarette free.)

Sasha is the most amazing hypnotherapist ! She is the only one who helped me stop smoking for good! I had tried everything patches, alen carr, books, other hypnotherapists and non of them could help me. Its been almost a year now and I haven’t smoked and I feel like I never smoked in my life- also when I stopped I didn’t feel any major anxiety like other times I had tried to stop, instead I felt calm and confident. I recently had another session with her for stage freight and I am constantly working on improving myself with the help of Sasha.

I would definitely recommend her , she is an amazing person and hypnotherapist!

– Christina M.

Amazing doesn’t begin to define Sasha Carrion. I have had 2 sessions with Sasha and after years of smoking thanks to her help I have become and non-smoker. I have never been happier before! My Best friend would always talk about the amazing transition into a beautiful life that comes after Sasha and I finally was able to experience it! I feel like I want to thank her every single day! I have never had a craving to smoke since leaving her that day. I’m amazed at my results! Now I can’t wait for my next session with the lovely, and most professional Sasha. I would refer anyone from family to friends to a stranger on the street everyone deserves the gift that Sasha has to give. I world is truly blessed to have a person like Sasha!

– Jennifer S.

Once you have made your appointment, please fill out our Smoking Cessation Form so that we can customize your sessions to your needs: Stop Smoking Questionnaire.


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