The Cost of Our Sessions

New Client In-person Intake and Assessment Sessions


This initial session is $99 with Kristen or Maritza. It’s $150 with Sasha.

During this initial session we are going to address the issues that are at the forefront of your mind and we’re going to dig deep to understand why these issues keep coming up and why you haven’t been able to get rid of them on your own. We will go over our proven process that will help you reach those breakthroughs. Our goal isn’t just short term change but for you to experience long term positive changes. . . the kind that ripple into every part of your life.

This session will be an hour long.

All Sessions That Follow


Once you’ve done your initial intake and assessment session or if you are a returning client, your sessions with Kristen and Maritza are $199 for 60 minutes. Sasha is currently running a holiday special for her sessions. they are $499 instead of $700.

Our unique sessions combine Hypnotherapy, NLP, Life Coaching, EFT and other modalities. This combination has proven to be powerful. Some of the tools we give you are tools that you will be able to use throughout your life.
Included in your session is a recording of your session so that you can reinforce in between sessions. Why? Because reinforcement is key in how the mind learns new positive habits, so your MP3 recordings are key added value for you. You can easily save it to your phone or MP3 player and listen to it at night before going to bed. Night time is always the best time to listen. And if you really want to warp speed your results, you can even listen to at least 10 minutes of it after you wake up.


Success Plans For Top Notch Results


Scientific studies keep showing that consistency is necessary to retrain the mind to naturally do what you want it to do. In the same way that you can’t just work out once and think you are going to have this amazing sculpted body after, the mind works similarly. Continued work and repetition is necessary. Our first few sessions will help you get out of the crisis situation that originally brought you to us. After, our goal is to work on the deep seated issues that have been impeding you to move forward in life. This way you can be the best version of yourself that you can be. At my office, we have high standards. We want to make sure that your mind not only gets the support that it needs so that you can maintain and continue to enjoy the changes that you’ll experience from our first few sessions, but on top of that make it so that those ways of thinking, feeling and behaving begin to come to you naturally without you really having to try. That is what we call autonomic behavior.

Our goal isn’t to have you keep coming in forever. Once you have completed our plan, you can from time to time drop in for a little tune up session. Many of our past clients occasionally drop in from time to time whenever they want to work on something new. They also commonly refer their friends and family members to us. I love that.

Payment Plans Available


Unlike other Hypnotherapy offices, we are now offering payment plans on session packages. Our goal is to make it so that you get the help and support you need and do it in such a way where it’s financially doable. Packages also include savings so we highly suggest you buy a package. It just makes sense. When you come in for your 2nd appointment, we will go over your options. If you are a past client, just send us an email or ask us when you come in.


Smoking Cessation Sessions


The stop smoking package is $500 with Kristen and $1,500 with Sasha.  They include the following:

  • First session (80 minutes), audio recording included
  • Two consecutive days of mini phone sessions
  • Second session (60 minutes), audio recording included

Most people quit smoking within the time frame of this package. Some will quit in that very first session; others cut down considerably, and then quit altogether during the second session. However you do it is fine — the most important thing is that you quit. Quitting smoking not only benefits you physically and emotionally — considering that the average smoker spends thousands of dollars on cigarettes a year, this smoking cessation package is a financial win, too.

Sessions for Children/Teenagers


Kristen and Sasha both see children at our office.
With Kristen, the cost of the first session is $165 for a 60-minute session. Subsequent sessions are $125 for 45 minutes.

With Sasha, the cost of the first session is $ 350 for a 60 minute session. Subsequent sessions are $200 for 45 minutes.

All prices include your child’s audio so he or she can reinforce all of their positive suggestions before bed each night.



*** Payment is due on the same day of our session. I accept cash, check or credit card. Please note: I respectfully request at least 24 hour notice for cancellations or rescheduling of appointments. There is a $100 no show fee. ***

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