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I Could Tell The Difference!

I’m glad I picked Sasha as my hypnotherapist. Minutes after sitting in her recliner, I already felt better. She has a very soothing demeanor and I felt completely comfortable with her. I think she’s the best.

Michael S.   Santa Monica, CA


Transforming Experience

I didn’t know what to expect but had an open mind… I told her the problem I had and she then took me through my life (while deeply hypnotized) to the exact time when my life experience created this problem……. I don’t want to say what the problem was,, but after my session,, I don’t have it anymore..Sasha is a fantastic therapist and I would recommend her to you,, and I suppose that is why you are reading this. Keep an open mind and experience the transformation.

Jim B.   Long Beach, CA


Hypnotherapy that works

Sasha is remarkable. She is both professional and caring. The personal interest that she takes in her clients is unequaled. Her expertise is unquestionable and helps to instill great confidence. I have achieved great success with the help of her services. I highly recommend her, and I do not do that lightly.

Holly J.    Marina Del Rey, CA


Smoke Free

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Today is my 6 month anniversary of being a non-smoker. I honestly owe you my life, my first morning breath and peace of mind. I constantly recommend you to all of my smoking friends. Until you came into my life, being a smoker was my identity. Now, I do not have to interrupt dinner conversations in order to have a smoke. My car doesn’t stink. I do not have to worry about my nic-fix getting in the way of loving my soon-to-be-born niece. Quitting cigarettes was SO easy thanks to you, Sasha. p.s. Now, whenever I pass the billboard on Santa Monica Blvd about how many smoking deaths have occurred this year, I rest assured that I will never be a statistic…

Leslie M.   Venice, CA


Anxiety and Stop Smoking Hypnosis

I was skeptical about the whole idea of hypnosis but Sasha did a great job in explaining to be everything that was happening. Not only did Sasha help me get over a problem that was keeping me awake at nights but she also helped me quit smoking!! its been almost 6 weeks and I love breathing clean and fresh air! Sasha is a warm, intelligent, caring soul with a beautiful calm voice. You will leave her office feeling relaxed, confident, and renewed. Highly recommended!

Paula N.   Marina Del Rey, CA


Weight Loss and Sugar Craving Hypnosis Sessions

I was referred to Sasha by my trainer to help me in my weight loss program. I was generally doing well, but was prone to intense food cravings (particularly sweets!), which when I gave into them, one treat easily turned into 20! Needless to say, that could be a killer for my goals. My trainer suggested that I give Sasha a shot and I’m so glad I did! I wasn’t sure hypnosis would work since I’ve never tried it before but within less than 5 min., she had me completely under! Incredible! She was super professional and helpful and totally helped me curb those food cravings. Not only that, she is such a sweet and positive person, it made our sessions so enjoyable. Finally, unlike other therapists who just want to rope you in for as many sessions as possible, Sasha made me an audio recording of our session that I can listen to to hypnotize myself and reinforce all the good suggestions she made during our sessions. She’s very big about having you help yourself and doing what’s best for you in the most cost effective manner. That speaks a wealth about her integrity and desire to help her patients in my book. And the recorded session worked just as well as the live session–I still don’t know what’s on the full recording because I always get hypnotized and pass out before the end! If you’re thinking about hypnotherapy or need help with any issues, then you have to give Sasha a try. She’s fabulous!

Victoria P.   Marina Del Rey, CA


It Worked

Sasha was very professional and really helped me with a lot of things that I did not even realize I was holding on to. When I first went in to see her, I was really nervous because I had never been hypnotized. But she made me feel comfortable and explained the process very throughly. She then helped me let go of a lot of things that had happened in my childhood, as well as a more recent trama in my life. It was a very healing process. She also filled me up with positivity and strong thoughts. I felt so relaxed when I was done and left with such an elated feeling. She is very good at what she does and is truly in it to help you feel better and let go of unnecessary thoughts and emotions that are not helpful for you. Get ready to feel great!

Erin M.   Marina Del Rey, CA


Simply The Best…

I came to Sasha never having used hypnosis before, but she helped me break through several barriers and made my session nothing short of exceptional. She took her time with me and I felt incredibly comfortable with her. She is nothing but professional and what I accomplished in an hour was amazing. For anyone who is looking to break through barriers in their life, Sasha is the one person who can get you through them . I promise you your time with her will be the most beneficial you have ever had.

Tyler P.   Torrance, CA


Empower Yourself

I went to see Sasha because I felt like I was living only part of my life, avoiding doing even the most basic things because of fear and anxiety. Very soon after my first session, I started noticing dramatic changes and the ability to do things I’d been avoiding for years! Sasha is encouraging and supportive and truly interested in helping people. Seeing Sasha has been an incredibly positive experience for me, and I continue to notice positive results and improvements as time progresses. This has been more effective than I ever thought possible, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to start living my life more fully.

Sarah    Long Beach, CA


Sasha Helped Me Eliminate Insomnia

Insomnia can be an absolute torture and I had been struggling with it for about the past decade. I knew all about the days that follow sleepless nights; the mental fogginess, short term memory loss, constant fatigue, stress, even hallucinations. I also knew that the issues that caused my insomnia were both organic and emotional. I never wanted to get hooked on sleeping pills and had considered hypnotherapy for a while. Now I don’t know why I waited so long

During my session with Sasha Carrion, her friendly nature immediately made me feel at ease. I felt that she really cared and listened to me when I told her about what I was going through. Under hypnosis, she addressed all my issues. Sasha’s voice was so calming that it was effortless for me to trust her and feel receptive to the positive suggestions she gave me. Her insight is truly remarkable.

That night, I slept for 10 solid hours! It has been several weeks since my hypnotherapy session with Sasha and the results have been dramatic. At night, I now go right to sleep and my anxiety has vanished. In the morning, I feel strong, mentally alert and have great energy throughout the day. I feel better now than I have felt in years. I have highly recommended Sasha to both friends and family. Thank you Sasha Carrion!

Cynthia Julian   Redondo Beach, CA


6 Months Later and I’m Still Happy!

I originally came in because I was in a continuous state of depression. For me, hypnosis was life changing. Its been six months since my first session and what she gave me is still with me. I honestly didn’t think it would last but it has. It’s as if I let go of all those negative emotions and memories that had been keeping me down. Sasha did what other methods hadn’t been able to do. Having a hypnosis session with Sasha was the best decision I could have made. The results are still with me.

Monica. M    Los Angeles, CA


The First Real Step Towards My True Potential

I was a pack a day smoker at the minimum for over 35 years. I tried everything to quit. Don’t get me wrong I had had some success on my own but always inevitably found my own efforts to be unsustainable after a brief period. The day I met Hypnotherapist Sasha Carrion was the last time I ever smoked. Although its only been a month, I can say with absolute confidence that I will never smoke again! Sasha introduced me to the concept of self empowerment thru hypnosis and let me tell you the power of this process is REAL!

Smoking cessation is only the very tip of what is possible and already the wheels are beginning to turn for me and life is moving forward in many ways. Sasha’s help took all of one appointment for me and has ALREADY PAID FOR ITSELF, in just one month. I can tell you this, the withdrawals were no laughing matter, but thru it all Sasha’s team ethic of partnering, her continuous follow-up and her first class training imparted the strength necessary to free myself from nicotine and the ultimate concept of my freedom from this monster has never left me since. With her help I was able to visualize a process that caused the cycle of dependance to derail and allowed me to weather what I can only call a quietly raging storm. Sasha I cannot thank you enough nor can I stress the ultimate value of your help in meaningful words. I am a nonsmoker for the first time in my life and for the rest of my life and I am forever grateful. With you as my mind coach, I am never alone and I am always prepared.

Simon T.  Gardena, CA


My Self Esteem Changed

I first met Sasha through my dad. He met her in one of his BNI groups and sometime after that he went to her. He told us that she is a hypnotherapist. He then invited her over for dinner and during the course of the dinner I asked her how hypnotherapy works. After she told me a little about it I told her that when I was younger and in grade school I was teased and tormented relentlessly by my peers. That in turn caused me to have no confidence and very low self-esteem. When I was done she told me that she could help me and I set up my first appointment with her. I was really excited because I was tired of all of the hurt and anger I kept inside and it would come out at inappropriate times. I was also a little nervous too because I didn’t know if I would be able to be hypnotized and was afraid it would not work.

Sasha soon had me pushing that fear aside at our first session. After having my first session with Sasha I felt better than I had in years. I literally felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders and I could smile and feel truly wonderful about myself. I am now able to go up to people who I have never met before and introduce myself and strike up a conversation with them. This is something I have never been able or felt comfortable in doing before I saw Sasha.

I no longer feel socially awkward or that people are judging me or talking about me behind my back. I feel good and I wish I had met Sasha a long time ago. Sasha is a wonderful, loving person who cares deeply for the people who go to see her. She is a fantastic hypnotherapist who can and will help you.

Greg T.    Long Beach, CA


Hypnosis Can Help You As Well

As a Practicing Chiropractor in Los Angeles County I had met several hypnotherapists before meeting Sasha Carrion, and none were able to intelligently and passionately show the need many of us have for hypnotherapy. I felt as if I didn’t need to go myself, (it was for other people, I assumed), but after noticing disturbing patterns in my life, I felt I needed to schedule an appointment. The thought of undergoing hypnosis would never have occurred to me if I had not first met Ms. Carrion.

My session with her was amazing as I noticed things before that I had never before noticed, the disturbing patterns and habits that encumber us from reaching our full potential. Those closest to me instantly noticed the heightened awareness and positive change in attitude. I have referred many of my friends and patients to Ms. Carrion for a wide range of issues, as her skills can easily handle most of the issues we struggle with in our lives. I recently told Ms. Carrion she broke the mold of what a hypnotherapists was to me, but truth be told she does not break the mold but sets the standard in her field. I completely, and without reservation, recommend Ms. Carrion for your hypnotherapy needs.

Dr. Marc Tafuro, DC    Long Beach, CA



Ever been curios about hypnotherapy? It has been a great and easy experience for me. In 1996 having smoked cigarettes for 25 years, after two Hypnosis sessions, never touched a cigarette again. Quitting smoking was Easy with hypnosis, which I had tried and tried to do on my own for years without success. Flash forward to 2009 – for years I have struggled with staying organized, and finishing what I started (from me growing up). Directly after finishing up one session with Sasha, my behavior has changed, from procrastinating to finish up. I put away after myself and it is actually fun now. The trip is watching me behaving in a different way, and doing it automatically like it was always like that. Well I have a laundry list of behaviors I want to change to something different, so Sasha watch out, because I will be back, one unwanted behavior turning in to a wanted behavior at the time. Thank you Sasha!

Maggie Collin    El Segundo, CA


Sasha Changed My Life For The Better

I’d never considered being hypnotized until I met Sasha Carrion. I had an opportunity to learn about her work as a hypnotist. I was fascinated by her explanation of the human mind, and before her presentation was over I knew I wanted to try hypnosis. I made an appointment right then and there. I’ve done traditional talk therapy. However, I continued to struggle with some old issues. Hypnosis seemed like a great way to rewire my thought process and heal. I was nervous before my appointment, but Sasha put me at ease. She was professional, comforting, and easy to trust. My session was powerful, quite amazing really, and I felt immediate benefits. I continue to improve with time as the positive seeds Sasha planted grow. I recommend Sasha Carrion to anyone considering hypnosis.

Katy L.   Los Angeles, CA


A Grateful Client

Sasha changed my life. I visited her shortly after my marriage crumbled and I was about to make a military move across the world to Germany. I knew I couldn’t show up to my new job the way I was, I was desperate for peace in my heart. In two sessions, Sasha helped me begin to break free from the grief and fear that was strangling and paralyzing me. Shortly after I arrived in Germany, I was unexpectedly sent to Iraq, where I am currently. Without the tools that Sasha gifted me with, I might not have made it past the first week here. Sasha helped me find within myself a strength and courage that I never believed existed. I too was skeptical about hypnotherapy, I expected a dangling watch and an eccentric woman. What I got was a warm, caring, nurturing person, who helped me face my fears in a compassionate way.

Tanya B.    Iraq


So Relaxing

I first met Sasha after doing some research online for hypnotherapists. I had some deep-seeded issues from my childhood that were causing me serious distress and I knew that I had to do something about it. I also knew that I couldn’t take it all on alone. I needed someone with experience with abusive type issues. So, I went ahead and set my appointment to meet with Sasha. Thus began my journey into the world of hypnosis.

I went in to see Sasha and she truly welcomed me with open arms and really went straight to the heart of me. Her approach to hypnosis was one of friendship. She took the time to listen to me and allowed me to express that which was bothering me on so many different levels. She was fully present during our entire conversation. She was completely attentive as well as empathetic to my particular situation. Which is great because I didn’t ever once feel like she had somewhere else to be or something else to do.

Sasha put me into a deep state of relaxation and once there we addressed the core issues of my stress, anxiety and frustrations. It was a very vivid and visual journey for me. I was able to face emotional issues head on because of Sasha’s knowledge and support. It has been months and I am still free of the stress that once affected me so much. It took one time but even now I still call her just to get back to that state of relaxation that her voice provides.

She’s great at what she does and is truly amazing! Sasha will change your life! Believe it! She changed mine, just the way I wanted it and it’s all for the better. I am free of the same old stress, anxiety, and even though I did not go there for weight loss, I still lost weight! Ha! Hypnosis is one of the best investments you can make in yourself! You won’t be happier that you started your journey with Sasha, so take that step! You’ll never be the same.

Becca. M    Santa Monica, CA

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