When Your Boyfriend or Husband Continues To Lie And Cheat On You. If you find yourself in a situation where you are in love with somebody who keeps lying and cheating on you, then it’s important that you consider what I say in this video.

It’s time to wake up, why? because it’s been my experience that people that keep doing the same stuff, they keep doing more of it it doesn’t stop unless the person decides to make a total change in that behavior and if you’re not seeing that then you need to do what’s right for you.

Now you might be thinking oh but I’m in love with him or her I can’t I can’t I can’t in the relationship, well that tells me one thing and that tells me that your self love and self worth is really low and that is something that you need to start working on ASAP.

Let’s be honest. Promises are not enough and you can’t change a person who doesn’t really want to change. That is why your focus needs to turn within. It’s time that you start LOVING YOURSELF first and foremost unconditionally.

Sasha Carrion has helped plenty of people who have been in unhealthy relationships, heal and grow. In fact, many of these people have ultimately moved on to much more healthier relationships. For more information visit my website.


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Life coach, hypnotherapist, and regular health and wellness TV/radio guest, Sasha Carrion makes this world a better place by educating people about the power of the mind and helping clients make lasting breakthroughs.

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