Food Allergies: Paying Attention to Our Bodies. You know a lot of times we find ourselves so focused on the external but we don’t really pay attention to ourselves and we don’t tend to pay attention to how we feel. For example, a lot of people have different food allergies that they pay no attention to. There are people that are completely lactose intolerant, yet they’re constantly eating all of this milk cheese and sour cream. I think part of this happens because we don’t really pay attention to things unless the symptoms get really bad.

I’m a very good example of that. Just take a look at my forehead. I’ve got these two big cysts, which sucks and I know why I got them, because I eat bread, and I’ve noticed before that whenever I eat bread it feels as though I have got sandpaper in my mouth or sometimes my tongue even goes numb.

I’ve now learned my lesson because, obviously my body is just protesting and it’s saying no more of this crap.

I bring this up because, you know a lot of times we don’t pay attention to our bodies and we need to we need to start paying attention to our bodies, we need to pay attention to what we need and make sure that we’re honoring ourselves.

Well, I hope you’re having a great day and I look forward to chatting again with you soon. Bye!

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