Kyra Santoro: the truth about hypnotherapy with Sasha Carrion

Watch as Kyra Santoro goes over her 1st time being hypnotized. Before this, Kyra had never done hypnotherapy before. A friend who knew that Kyra had been going through a tough time gifted her a hypnotherapy session with me. Much to Kyra’s amazement, the session turned out to be a big positive in her life. She has since then continued coming in for more hypnotherapy sessions.

Hypnotherapist Sasha Carrion is located in Los Angeles, Ca. Considered one of the top Hypnotherapists in LA, she often sees celebrities as well as other high profile clients. All sessions are customized to the needs of the client.

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Life coach, hypnotherapist, and regular health and wellness TV/radio guest, Sasha Carrion makes this world a better place by educating people about the power of the mind and helping clients make lasting breakthroughs.

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